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M.Ed, Certified Conscious Business Coach, AUUM Products Advocate

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Who am I?

AUUM NeuroPerformance is improving my mental as well as physical flexibility. As a Senior and a Human Development professional, who believes that we can all be lifelong learners, it is vitally important for me to maintain and improve my mental clarity. It also helps to be in a body that performs like one that is years younger.

My first employment experience after graduating with a B.Sc in Psychology was in a clinic of Naturopathic Medicine as a clinical assistant. At that time, alternative approaches to health and well-being were marginal and our patients were often those whom the medical profession had failed. The Naturopathic approach strongly resonated with my personal interests and experience. I was always thrilled when natural therapies or supplements promoted wellness when symptom-related approaches had not. Although my career has evolved to include facilitating well-being in body, mind and consciousness, I am still fascinated by discoveries that actually work, to improve physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and well-being.

I was introduced to AUUM products, specifically NeuroPerformance in the summer of 2022, and have been a consistent consumer ever since. I have first-hand experience with the anti-inflammatory effects of mammalian omega-3s, with improved metal agility, and surprisingly, with improved reflexes and hand-eye coordination. My mental processes are being augmented by my continued use of AUUM NeuroPerformance. This has profound implications for all AUUM consumers, especially for those of us in the 2nd half of our lives, where mental decline is trending as a norm. It doesn’t have to be this way. We can actually augment our ability to see and think clearly and to visualize solutions to problems that, if implemented, can help restore a level of individual and collective well-being and positivity.

My mission here is to educate people to the benefits of AUUM mammalian (seal oil)- sourced omega-3s and to collect and share consumers’ first-hand experiences of improvements resulting from their intake of these products.

Feel free to join me.

Action Steps

(1) Contact me to start a conversation about your goals and objectives and about strategies that may include AUUM omega-3 products.

(2) Try the products. As once said: "In theory, there is no difference between practice and theory. In practice, there is." Whether AUUM omega-3 products should be effective is one thing. But are they, actually? Let’s find out, in practice!

Ordering Products:

You may order directly from me, or you may contact me to learn more about AUUM products and receive exclusive AUUMEGA centre discounts on your online orders.

Customer Comments

"My experience is awakening me, vanishing away arthritis pain. My hair is no longer falling out, I have fewer colds and food sensitivities, better sight and better, less dry skin. I also seem to be learning and remembering more easily than before and I have more energy ."

- R.B. Ontario

"I have had a good experience using Auum Sublingual D Omega 3. I can say I feel better for taking it, specifically my knee joints, the inflammation has subsided."

- J.L Ontario

"This morning, I went for my first early morning walk in over 2 years. I was just bouncing with energy. I did Tai Chi this morning and for the first time in years, it felt like the energy points were connecting. It feels like I am going to burst out of my skin, in a good way."

- H.L Ontario

"My husband & I have been taking AUUM NeuroPerformance for three months. My husband secretly is trying to maintain a higher performance at golf. He is noticing he has more stamina and better concentration with his sports. I started AUUM to increase cognitive function and have a history of autoimmune concerns like Hashimoto's Disease. I find I can sleep better and have less stiffness with my joints. A plus factor for me is that my skin looks clearer and softer with applying this omega-3 oil onto my face...a bonus!"

- L.V. Ontario