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Rapidly restore your body's balance

Modern dietary habits promote an imbalance in the consumption of poly-unsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs). The high intake of omega-6 fatty acids alongside low omega-3 has proven a significant contributor to the development of various health ailments.

AUUM mammalian omega-3 supplements restore that balance using the most compatible omega-3 fatty acids. Our products, through direct study by Canadian academic institutions, have proven effective in improving health and combating diseases.

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Sustainable & Community-sourced

Our approach to creating this unique omega-3 supplement is not only sustainable, it is also proactive. At AUUM, we work directly with Inuit communities and continuously learn from the Inuit people about the fundamentals of sustainable sourcing in balance with nature.

Raw-Based Products

As leaders in method development and quality control testing, AUUM leverages small, highly controlled batches that maximizes raw product benefits. We prioritize quality over quantity every time.


AUUM products are the only seal-based omega-3 products that have been used in published research by the Canadian Diabetes Association, the Canadian Cancer Society, and the University of Toronto Dept. of Medicine.


AUUM’s special sublingual formulations provide rapid delivery straight to the bloodstream. The health benefits of our balanced, complete product can be felt faster and more pronounced than any alternative.


AUUM's mammalian omega-3 products are far more bioavailable than fish-based alternatives. In fact, AUUM omega-3 fatty acids utilize the same absorption pathway as human breast milk.


From the small northern town where we base our operations, to the Inuit villages with whom we collaborate, to the many customers we’ve served for nearly 20 years - AUUM is a truly Canadian company.


Full regulatory compliance. All products are issued Natural Health Product numbers by Health Canada, ensuring safety and efficacy backed by research.

For two decades, AUUM Canada has led in the development of sublingual OMEGA-3 supplements.

The majority of people do not receive the necessary amount of essential omega-3s from their diet, and thus require a high-quality supplement to properly support their health. But not all omega-3s are the same! Plant-based omega-3s serve important roles in plant biochemistry, but humans can only convert a very small percentage of plant-based omega-3s into usable forms. Similarly, fish-based omega-3s are not ideally suited for human consumption. DPA, a critical omega-3 component found naturally in human breast milk, can only be derived from a mammalian-source.

AUUM is the only company that works directly with Inuit communities to incorporate the benefits of raw seal oils. Mass market companies that sell large volumes to overseas markets rely on highly processed oils to artificially extend their shelf life.


Complete omega-3 formulation with Vitamin D3 and Vitamin A, in a natural lemon flavour. Improves recovery times and coordination.



Complete omega-3 formulation in a natural lemon flavour. Improves brain health, cognitive function, as well as relieves mood and anxiety disorders. Taken to reduce inflammation, strengthen immune systems, and improve cardiovascular health.


Sublingual D

Complete omega-3 formulation, Vitamin D3, with natural lemon flavour. Supports cognitive and intellectual development, while enhancing speed, improving concentration, increasing sociability, and improving sleep.



This natural supplement created by the leader in human Omega-3 formulations, has been especially designed for dogs and cats. A wonderful diet supplement, with noticeable improvement to coat, reducing stiffness and joint discomfort, while improving calmness and attention spans.


The AUUM Experience

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My daughter has greatly benefited from diligently taking AUUM oil.

She has progressively had improvements to her skin, hair and nails. Acne and arm skin rashes have totally disappeared. Her diagnosis of ADD shows no signs. She has not had any medications, vitamins (except for iron and calcium combo), or a balanced diet in her 2 yrs of taking the oil. Ordinarily teenagers struggle with steady improvements (or worsen in these areas), at least that is my experience as a parent and child educator. Her focus and concentration have improved dramatically with grades going from D’s and F’s to A’s! She has been much less ‘moody’ and anxious to the point where she is such a pleasure to be around for most of the time. Another huge improvement is her resistance to viruses, bacteria and other infections. Her immune system is such as 4-6 colds per year has been reduced to 0 within 3 months of taking the oil. Auum-azing!

Lisa L

I started taking AUUM’s Omega 3 in October 2006 when I was seven months pregnant.

I immediately experienced more energy and my back pains subsided. After giving birth, I returned to my normal weight within three weeks! I had been taking other Omega 3 products earlier during my pregnancy but I was still extremely tired between clients. I am a Naturo-Therapist and Nutritionist and I am in my mid-thirties. The Auum Omega 3 has made a big difference for my health and I continue taking it daily. I also educate all my clients on the positive result of taking this particular Omega 3.

Heather C

With a background in fitness and health, I know how important Omega 3 is.

I have taken high levels of fish oil for years. When I had recent blood work my cholesterol levels were excellent, but I didn’t feel any different. Since taking the AUUM Omega 3, I have noticed severely reduced muscle discomfort in my hips. I have also noticed that my sleep has improved without taking any sleep aid (I normally take a UBER MAG to help me sleep). This product truly is amazing and I am making sure all my clients take it.

Mother of Dylan, age 9, ADD

Thanks to AUUM, my son Dylan has increased focus.

Approximately 5 days after starting the Omega 3 supplement, I had noticed that Dylan could focus more on one task at a time.  I also noticed changes in his behaviour.

Mother of Karlo, age 9, Autism

AUUM has made a positive difference for my son Karlo.

He is more relaxed and rested.  His speech is improved and his appetite has decreased.

Anna Maria S

I’m a mother of 3, two boys 7 and 5 and a 2.5 yrs old little girl. Our oldest son is diagnosed with ASD, our middle son was recently diagnosed with emerging signs of ADHD.

Our lives are hectic to say the least. It has been just over 2 months that we have been taking the AUUM Omega 3 Sublingual-D. In that time we’ve noticed that the kids are so affectionate (to us and each other), calmer and just an overall sense of peacefulness. My youngest daughter who was having trouble sleeping through the night has started to improve in that department after starting the oil. I’ve noticed that I am much calmer and that foggy feeling I sometimes had isn’t such a problem anymore, it’s easier to organize my thoughts and express myself. Overall taking the oil has had a positive impact on our family.

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