This natural supplement created by the leader in human Omega-3 formulations, has been especially designed for dogs and cats. A wonderful diet supplement, with noticeable improvement to coat, reducing stiffness and joint discomfort, while improving calmness and attention spans.
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A better way to give your pets their omega-3

AUUM Pets is fashioned after the original diet of the Canadian Eskimo Dog (or Qimmik as they are known to the Inuvialuit people). These special sled dogs led Admiral Perry to discover the North Pole in 28 days. They are capable of pulling 13 hours a day in -40°C temperatures.

Because their natural raw meat diet is enriched with seal blubber, they consume massive amounts of omega-3 and the associated fat-soluble vitamins A, D and E. Their extreme endurance, staggering strength, and three beautiful layers of rich fur are testaments to a diet rich in mammalian omega-3.

Our omega-3 supplement has been specifically re-designed for dogs and cats. Not only does it offer the complete complement of mammalian omega-3 fatty acids, but also the vitally important fat-soluble vitamins A, D and E.

Whether you want your pet to learn quicker, relax easier or generally exhibit “happier” actions on a day-to-day basis, add a teaspoon or two of AUUM Pets to their daily diet. This wonderful dietary supplement will noticeably improve fur/coat health and reduce stiffness and joint discomfort while improving calmness and attention span.


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The AUUM Advantage

After years of research and clinical studies, AUUM has learned how to create a natural, raw-based oil that is rapidly absorbed under the tongue. Our advances in the field of neuropathy have been recognised by the Canadian Diabetes Association, the Canadian Cancer Society, and the University of Toronto Department of Medicine.

This was just the beginning.

Our applied research has allowed us to deliver oil-soluble nutrients, such as Vitamin D3 and Vitamin A, rapidly and with astonishing results. This unique delivery system leverages the natural sublingual transport systems showcased by nutrient absorption during infant breast feeding. This system allows AUUM omega-3 to quickly enter the bloodstream, without first having to pass through the digestive tract. This rapid and direct access to omega-3 fatty acids enriches your senses and improves your performance.