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Cheryl Millett
B.Sc in Holistic Nutrition
Nutritional Consultant, Life Coach, AUUM Products Advocate

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Hilton Milan Mijovick
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Amir Kolia
AUUM Products Advocate

"AUUM's NeuroPerformance has been part of my daily routine since mid-July 2023, and in just 90 days, I've witnessed incredible personal results. As a member of the Canadian National Over-40s Cricket Team, who will be partaking in the inaugural International Masters Cricket World Cup in Cape Town, South Africa in February 2024, my physical strength & endurance are off-the-charts. My recovery time has reduced significantly and aches & pains from high intensity workouts are almost non-existent. In addition, my mental ability & focus are at their peak - I'd go so far as saying that I feel in much better shape than the 25-year-old version of myself. Having experienced these simply remarkable results, AUUM's NeuroPerformance is with me, for life. I'm a proud & pragmatic advocate."


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