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What are superagers?

Superagers possess genes that promote exceptional aging, but these genes only account for 20% of their longevity secret. The remaining 80% is up to individual effort, and it's a battle worth engaging in. Incorporating AUUM omega-3 supplements into your diet is crucial, as it supports brain health, reduces inflammation, and plays a significant role in overall well-being, further boosting your chances of aging gracefully.

Pictured above: Dini Petty interviewing RJ Millar, President of AUUM Canada.

My experience with AUUM

After meeting RJ Millar, AUUM’s president, and Dr. Jan Dadson, and learning about AUUM oil, I decided to try it. After six weeks, I noticed an improvement in my eyesight.

Two weeks later, I went for my yearly eye exam, which I have done for the past seven years, but when I sat in the optometrist's chair, the first thing he said to me was: "You haven't been here for three years."

I thought I'd been there the previous year, but COVID had officially messed with time.

Then he said: "When you were here three years ago, we made an appointment for you with the eye institute to deal with your cataracts. Did you go?"

"Uh no, I had a family emergency and didn't make the appointment." Yes, my nose is a little longer Pinochio!

At the end of the exam his first words were: "You don't need surgery on your cataracts."

That in itself is reason enough for me to continue taking AUUM oil, plus there are other benefits to my overall health and so AUUM oil is now and forever a part of my daily routine. Those were the first astonishing benefits, now it's the clarity of thought, the dramatic improvements in expressing myself and the awareness of the new me that was just waiting to come to the surface.

Thank you AUUM!

Action Steps

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