Marye Barton

Mar 31, 2024

Marye Barton

I've been taking AUUM oil for six months and the biggest change is : I feel great. I have energy without drinking coffee, which I gave up about four months ago. At age 88; on good days I feel like I'm in my 60's but as I hated my sixties - let's say feel like in my fifties again. Before I took the oil I was kinda giving up - feeling all of my 88 years and my biggest problem was my lack of energy - which has returned!!

I've also used the oil that remains in the spoon after I take my one teaspoon of oil daily and put it on my face, and after four months I have noticed that the dark age spots on my face were lighter. At first, I thought it was my imagination but they are lighter in color; so much so that I no longer have to cover them with makeup.

I used to suffer from really dry skin, particularly a patch on my forehead and now it's fine. But for me the main thing is to get out of bed with enough energy to do my exercises; which I do every morning and a little exercising at night.

In conclusion, I won't be without AUUM oil daily.

- Marye Barton