The AUUM Advantage

After years of research and clinical studies, AUUM has learned how to create a natural, raw-based oil that is rapidly absorbed under the tongue. Our advances in the field of neuropathy have been recognised by the Canadian Diabetes Association, the Canadian Cancer Society, and the University of Toronto Department of Medicine.

This was just the beginning.

Our applied research has allowed us to deliver oil-soluble nutrients, such as Vitamin D3 and Vitamin A, rapidly and with astonishing results. This unique delivery system leverages the natural sublingual transport systems showcased by nutrient absorption during infant breast feeding. This system allows AUUM omega-3 to quickly enter the bloodstream, without first having to pass through the digestive tract. This rapid and direct access to omega-3 fatty acids enriches your senses and improves your performance.


One size has never fit all - customize your nutritional intake. Beginning with NeuroBasic to Sublingual D to NeuroPerformance. AUUM omega-3 products enhances performance at all ages. Whether you are just learning to read or still trying to retire, AUUM products can dramatically improve your quality of life.

  ● Improve focus and memory
  ● Gain faster reflexes
  ● Increase strength and energy
  ● Reduce stiffness and aches
  ● Faster recovery times


Get up and go at any age! Today’s seniors are often more active than their younger counterparts! As we age, its particularly important to maintain peak physical and mental health. AUUM omega-3 oils can rapidly deliver a new world of vibrant health!

  ● Improves cognitive function
  ● Increased energy
  ● Better sleep, better elimination
  ● Reduce risk of heart disease and stroke
  ● Reduce aches, pains, and inflammation

Family Development

A healthy family is a happier family! Whether it is mom or dad in need of a bit more energy or growing children overcoming one of life’s new challenges, AUUM products have you covered.

  ● Improved sleep and more regular bowel movements
  ● Better concentration, comprehension, and learning
  ● Increased flexibility and energy
  ● Helps to relax the body and mind after a busy day


This natural supplement for dogs and cats, made available by the leader in human omega-3 formulations, was the original product that led to AUUM’s ground-breaking research in sublingually absorbed mammalian omega-3 oil.

  ● More get up and go (teach your old dog a new trick)
  ● Maintain beautiful fur and coat health
  ● Reduce stiffness and joint discomfort for older pets
  ● Improve calmness and attention span for excitable pets

AUUM for Health

AUUM’s special sublingual formulations provide rapid delivery straight to the bloodstream. The health benefits of our balanced, complete product can be felt faster and more pronounced than any alternative.