Cheryl Millett
B.Sc in Holistic Nutrition
Nutritional Consultant, Life Coach, AUUM Products Advocate


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Who am I?

Your health matters!

Since 2006, I have practiced as a holistic health practitioner B.Sc. CCIr in Toronto and abroad for the purpose of helping others discover ways to the healthy possibilities of a living well. After 15 years of experience, field research, and my book ‘All Guts All Glory: Discover the Root Causes of Disease’, I share “simple is key along with natural solutions is the way to go. AUUM oils are both simple and natural and has positively impacted many with neuropathy, foggy brain, injuries, chronic inflammation, performance and much more.” I recognize the deep connection between wellness (mind and body) and the digestive and nervous systems (includes the brain.)

Who needs a omega 6:3 ratio balanced raw mammalian omega product?

  1. Chronic inflammatory conditions – every illness has an inflammatory component.
  2. Brain and nerve health – “The nervous system affects everything in your body. if there is an issue with your nervous system, you have a problem, ” shares G da Costa M.D. FRCPC Psychiatrist, Canada (excerpt from book ‘All Guts, All Glory’, author Cheryl Millett, p 105, 2020).
  3. Health prevention – to prevent is to keep the health balance, for example, from pH balance to immune function.

Are you looking for answers to your symptoms? With my own AUUM oil results within one day, be inspired to seek your healthy potentials. The choice is yours.

The world is a better place with AUUM seal oil. Contact me to learn about the right omegas for the right results.

Action Steps

(1) Contact me to start a conversation about your goals and objectives and about strategies that may include AUUM omega-3 products.

(2) Try the products.

Ordering Products:

You may order directly from me, or you may contact me to learn more about AUUM products and receive exclusive AUUMEGA centre discounts on your online orders.